Zain Bhikha (Official Music Videos)

  1. Zain Bhikha & Rashid Bhikha - First We Need The Love (Official Video)
  2. Zain Bhikha & Dawud Wharnsby Ali & Abdul Malik Ahmad - Can't Take It With You
  3. Zain Bhikha - Deen il Islam (Official Video)
  4. Zain Bhikha - Mountains of Makkah (Official Video)
  5. Zain Bhikha & Dawud Wharnsby Ali - Allah Knows
  6. Zain Bhikha & Naadira Alli - My Mum is Amazing
  7. Zain Bhikha - City of Medina (Official Video)
  8. Zain Bhikha - Our World (Official Video)
  9. Zain Bhikha & Abdul Malik Ahmad - Who I Am
  10. Zain Bhikha - Eid un Said (Official Video)
  11. Zain Bhikha & Khalil Ismail - One God (Official Video)
  12. Zain Bhikha & Muhammad Bhikha - Forever
  13. Fadi Tolbi & Zain Bhikha - Elahi (Official Video)
  14. Fadi Tolbi & Zain Bhikha - Elahi (Voice-Only Version)
  15. Zain Bhikha & Abdul Malik Ahmad - Freedom Will Come (Drum Version)
  16. Zain Bhikha & Khalil Ismail - One God (Voice-Only Version)
  17. Zain Bhikha - Heal the World
  18. Zain Bhikha - Woman I Love
  19. Zain Bhikha - Better Day
  20. Rashid Bhikha - Heartbeat (Official Video)
  21. Rachid Bhikha - Broken (Official Video)
  22. Rachid Bhikha - Broken (Voice-Only)

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Zain Bhikha (Biography)

Zain Bhikha (born August 9, 1974) is an Indian South African singer-songwriter, who has achieved success as a performer of Islamic nasheed songs. Associated with other Muslim musicians, including Yusuf Islam and Dawud Wharnsby, Bhikha has collaborated on albums and also released several solo albums. He has written several religious albums concerning Islam.

Bhikha sometimes performs with a drummer and several backup vocalists who were the African singers in the Disney cartoon movie The Lion King. Bhikha did not himself contribute to that film.

Bhikha's music almost exclusively follows Islamic themes, with only voice and drums being used, since the use of musical instruments other than the voice and the drum is an area of debate in Muslim jurisprudence, considered harām, or "unlawful" by a portion of the Muslim community.

Bhikha is currently involved in educational projects in his native South Africa as well as international initiatives to educate through song. He is also working with Indian Islamic Channel, Peace TV.

On April 24, 2008, Bhikha participated in an international annual singing competition on the Prophet Muhammad's birthday, named the Al Mahabbah Awards Festival, in Abu Dhabi. Bhikha was accompanied by the aforementioned drummer and backing singers. One song they performed was "Peace Train", composed by Yusuf Islam.

Zain Bhikha Discography

  • 1996 - READ ALL ABOUT IT
  • 1999 - BABY
  • 2000 - Children of Heaven
  • 2001 - Faith
  • 2002 - Our World
  • 2005 - Mountains of Makkah
  • 2006 - Allah Knows
  • 2009 - 1415: The Beginning
  • 2010 - First We Need The Love
  • 2010 - A Way of Life
  • 2011 - HOPE
  • 2011 - Better Day


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