Abbas Mehrpouya (listen online)

  1. Abbas Mehrpouya - Ghabile Leyli
  2. Abbas Mehrpouya - Marge Ghoo
  3. Abbas Mehrpouya - Aseman Migeryad Emshab
  4. Abbas Mehrpouya - Ghame Tanhai
  5. Abbas Mehrpouya - Dokhtare Shab
  6. Abbas Mehrpouya - Seda Kon Mara
  7. Abbas Mehrpouya - Divane Bood In Del
  8. Abbas Mehrpouya - Fanous
  9. Abbas Mehrpouya - Aah
  10. Abbas Mehrpouya - Afsaneye Eshgh


Abbas Mehrpouya Biography

Abbass Mehrpouya was one of Iran's top sitarists before passing in 1993. Having released a series of 7" singles that range from psychedelic, pop and even heavy funk, collectors are pushing one another aside in an attempt to obtain his legendary work. While his psychedelic guitars and flutes have collectors drooling at the mouth, his heavy funk moments can be heard rocking dance floors in clubs across the world.

African Jumbo, is both the rarest, and most in-demand album from Iran, dated sometime in the mid '70s. The 11- minute track 'African Jumbo' is not only a masterpiece of psychedelic funk, but is also only available on this sole and impossibly hard to find album.

A simply wonderful experience full of beautiful sitars and flutes, while heavy drums, horns and percussion help fill out the wonderful melodies. Mehrpouya's talents weren't limited to traditional instruments either. He was known to have invented original instruments from bones and other natural materials, while using pots as a replacement for drums.


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